Monday At 11:01 AM

2016 Thriller



The film stars Charles Agron, who also happens to be the screenwriter, as Michael, a wealthy man travelling with his beautiful girlfriend, Jenny, played by Lauren Shaw. The couple decides to stay for the night in a secluded town and end up getting a room in a mysterious hotel. The next day, however, an accident closes off the town’s only exit, and Michael soon realizes that there is something sinister going on in this quiet town.

Cast & Crew

Charles Agron

Writer/director/producer/actor Charles Agron most recently acquired through his K Street Pictures banner Last Call, starring John Malkovich and Rhys Ifans directed by Steven Bernstein for release later this year and previously acquired the indie feature Alex & Eve in 2017, starring Andrea Demetriades and Richard Brancatisano directed by Peter Andrikidis which was released around the country.
Agron previously starred, wrote, and produced the horror film Monday at 11:01 am starring Lance Henriksen, Briana Evigan, and Lauren Shaw and previously teamed with director, Victor Salva (Jeepers Creepers), and produced and wrote the indie feature Dark House, starring Lesley-Anne Down (The Great Train Robbery) and Tobin Bell (Saw).

Agron acknowledges that his primary literary influences are Rod Serling’s seminal television series, The Twilight Zone, and the various works of author Stephen King, especially The Shining. & Eve.

Agron was born in Los Angeles, California. He later moved to Santa Barbara and attended Laguna Blanca High School. A pre-med student at UCLA, Agron also worked for the National Physician’s Association, where he lobbied for doctor’s rights in Washington D.C. However, Agron’s future was not in medicine or law.

Thanks to Elaine Young, a family friend, he was encouraged to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Between Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, he studied acting, filmmaking, and the business side of the movie industry, while simultaneously producing short films. His first project, produced in Los Angeles, was a dark comedy short film, I Live in Los Angeles, which played on the festival circuit.

On the acting front, Agron was fortunate enough to hook up with the Lena Harris Studio, which operates on the 20th Century Fox lot. He followed that educational experience with a lengthy association with renowned acting coach John Sarno. Sarno spent seven years with Agron, who decided that acting would be one of his main pursuits.